Listing Manager

For local businesses, maintaining consistent business information across the web is critical for both search engines and users. With Viral Zings’s Listing Manager service, you can instantly generate structured listings across nearly one hundred of the web’s best citation sources. Once set up, you’ll be able to request edits to your business’ information that automatically gets pushed out to all citation sources, ensuring that their critical information remains consistent across the web.

☆ Manage your business’ listings across the web from one centralized location

☆ Increase your business’ rankings by generating and maintaining nearly 100 powerful backlinks




+ $0 Set Up Fee

✔ Activate the Online Listings in Your Client’s Sub Account

✔ Keep all listings up to date

✔ 70+ Citations throughout the internet

* All  Services Require a 3 Month Minimum Working With Viral Zing Media.

Frequently asked questions

The listings become “unlocked”, which means third parties will be able to edit some of them and the consistency of the business’s business information will likely decay across the web.


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